The Holistic Center was created with one goal in mind:

To introduce you to top-notch MA Board-Certified MDs in order to obtain electronic medical marijuana certificates or cards.

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The Holistic Center provides expert medical care and counseling to those who are coping with chronic or terminal conditions, and want to achieve maximum wellness for their bodies and minds.

For many, easing their suffering involves turning to medical marijuana. Patients can encounter multiple obstacles on their way to attaining a medical marijuana card, and beyond offering a convenient central location in Boston, The Holistic Center can accelerate the journey toward securing one. Any Massachusetts resident who is fighting cancer, AIDS, ALS, or another qualifying illness may schedule an appointment with one of The Holistic Center’s Massachusetts-certified physicians. Along with compassion and encouragement, a patient will receive a physical evaluation, a heart-to-heart dialogue about cannabis as a treatment option, and a consultation about its proper use. The Center can then assist the patient in maneuvering the bureaucratic roadblocks that may prevent him or her from feeling better and experiencing a greater quality of life.

The doctors and legal consultants who serve The Holistic Center have received much of their training in Boston and have decidedly committed themselves and their work to Massachusetts citizens.

They study Massachusetts law, keep up to date on policies, and advocate for the civil rights and health of Bay State residents. Dr. Wong possesses extensive knowledge of traditional and holistic approaches to medicine, and excels at merging them in order to create optimal therapy for his patients. Dr. Wong is now investing his savvy in the promotion of legal medical marijuana use on behalf of The Holistic Center. A patient who comes to The Center can feel assured that the Center’s professionals will guide him or her in an appropriate direction. If that direction includes a recommendation for procuring medical marijuana, The Center will ensure that the patient leaves with a plan for cultivating that resource, one that can alleviate discomfort and improve day-to-day well-being.

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