What is the cost of a scheduled appointment?

New Patients: $170*
Seniors (60+), Veterans and SSDI recepients: $150*
Students (with valid ID): $140*
$100* for our unexpired patients $125* for others
Patients with expired certificates $140*
*$5 additional for credit/debit card

May I obtain a certificate for medical marijuana if I am under 18?

YES. BUT you must be a Massachusetts resident who has been diagnosed by two Massachusetts licensed certifying physicians, at least one of whom is a board-certified pediatrician or board-certified pediatric sub specialist, as having a debilitating medical condition.
Our doctors will discuss the potential negative impacts on neurological development with you, your parent or legal guardian. You will need to be accompanied by your parent or guardian who will sign and provide us their written consent. Our doctors will document the medical rationale in your medical record and on your written certification if approved.

What exactly does The Holistic Center do?

Broadly, we practice holistic medicine – what WebMD calls, “a form of healing that considers the whole person… in the quest for optimal health and wellness.” This includes, in some cases, the provision of a medical marijuana recommendation.
The recommendation process is a legally valid one, guided by explicit standards written into Massachusetts law. At The Holistic Center, only a licensed physician will review your medical records and meet with you for an in-person evaluation, satisfying the law’s requirements. Remember: virtual examinations (e.g., Skype appointments) do not satisfy Massachusetts law.
If our physician partners deem it appropriate, patients may be written a legally valid medical marijuana recommendation that fully complies with state law.
The Center also provides educational information to outside doctors, holistic centers, and other individuals interested in learning about the potential benefits of medical marijuana.

What if I am homebound and cannot get to your office?

We provide home visits for those patients who are homebound. The cost is more expensive than the office visit. CALL US TO DISCUSS THIS OPTION.

Who may qualify for a medical marijuana recommendation to Massachusetts?

Patients suffering from any of the following conditions are candidates for a medical marijuana recommendation: cancer, glaucoma, AIDS, hepatitis C, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), Crohn’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, or multiple sclerosis. Some other conditions may also merit a medical marijuana recommendation, per the determination of a qualifying patient’s physician.
If you suffer from any of these conditions, or feel as if medical marijuana would help you cope with other medical symptoms you may have, we encourage you to schedule an appointment with a Massachusetts-certified physician at The Holistic Center.

Once a recommendation is written, how is medical marijuana dispensed?

Currently, a medical marijuana recommendation is not the same as a prescription, as Massachusetts pharmacies are not yet equipped to dispense marijuana commercially. Instead, state law allows patients with a medical marijuana recommendation to cultivate their own marijuana, up to a 60-day supply (the law specifies 10 ounces of raw marijuana and an equivalent amount for edibles as the amount for such a supply).
You may self-cultivate or designate a “caregiver” (see next entry). Dispensaries are scheduled to open sometime in April-May 2015.

When will dispensaries open in Massachusetts? Where will they be? If none are opened near me, what alternatives do I have for acquiring medical marijuana?

Does The Holistic Center provide medical marijuana to its patients?

No, the Center will not provide marijuana to patients; to do so would be illegal. Nor does the Center plan to pursue accreditation as a legal dispensing unit. The Center’s first priority is to provide the highest quality care to patients, within the bounds of Massachusetts state law. Caregivers may grow crops for up to one patient (not including themselves) and are legally allowed to supply those patients with medicine

For how long does a medical marijuana recommendation remain valid?

Recommendations are valid for one year, after which time they must be renewed.  The cost for renewals are subject to change but currently the cost is $125.  You must renew annually or prior to your certification end date.  Between renewals, The Holistic Center nurse practitioners will remain in contact with patients to monitor the treatment’s effectiveness, and to answer questions.

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