4 Easy Steps to Qualify for a Medical Cannabis License


Note: These steps pertain to the state of Massachusetts Only

  Step 1. Make an Appointment

You must make an appointment with a registered medical marijuana professional.  It is very important to find an experienced, reliable qualifier or your time can be wasted. A simple search online will do and if you are reading this, you are already in the right place.  The Holistic Center in Brighton is a top qualifier and conveniently located for anyone in the State of Massachusetts.  Click here to make an appointment today >> or call 617-787-7400.  The Holistic Center can answer any questions regarding the process of obtaining your medical marijuana license.

  Step 2. Obtain your Medical Records

This is a very important step in seeking your certificate. Under HIPPA Law you have the right to your medical records so call you doctor to obtain copies and bring them to your medical marijuana qualifying professional. If you do not have medical records you must have a consent form signed by your doctor to allow for you to be seen by the qualifying professional at the Holistic Center. You must have these forms ready when you arrive for your appointment. The Holistic Center has made filling out these forms easy with all forms needed and available for download on the their website.

  Step 3. Qualify and Enroll

Once you are qualified you will receive a pin and the link to sign up on the Department of Public Health website.  This is very easy and the DPH is yet to turn anyone down after being qualified with our professionals.

  Step 4. Obtain your Patient ID Card

After you sign-up on the Department of Public Health Website, you will soon receive your DPH issued patient ID for the state run medical use of marijuana program. This takes 5-7 days and you are able to go to the dispensaries immediately upon receipt of their patient ID card.


The Holistic Center is located near St. Elizabeth’s Hospital on 320 Washington Street, Sutie 300 in Brighton.  Please call 617-787-7400 to schedule an appointment today. You can also visit the Holistic Center website at Medical Marijuana Massachusetts

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